A 4-in-1 powerhouse solution for restaurants

From reservations to dine-in payments, Tap N' Dine has something for every restaurant

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What We Offer

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$50/mo + 25¢ per reservation

A simple to use and cost effective way to manage your dining room and patio

Clear up your phone lines and servers by allowing customers to check real-time availability and reserve a table online

Time or Slot based reservations

Handles all COVID-19 info gathering for walk-ins and reservations

Ensures maximum reservations during busy times

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Reservations With Pre-order

75¢ per Pre-Order

Pre-ordering allows customers to reserve a table and order drinks and food before showing up

Increase sales up to 18% by ensuring your customers always have food and drinks in front of them

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Contactless Dine-In

$200/mo Unlimited Orders

Customers will take a seat at their table

Once seated, they will use their phones to access your full menu

Orders are sent to a tablet or your POS*, serve your guests as usual

Customers will then pay through the Tap N Dine app

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In Line Ordering

$100/mo Unlimited Orders

Customers can order and pay while in line at your location

Move larger volumes of customers more efficiently - which means higher revenue

Orders to a tablet or right to your POS*

More time spent delivering your product, less time taking orders and payment

*Setup fee applies for POS integration. Additional monthly fees also apply for POS integration.

Additional Benefits

  • Easy Setup, with minimal setup costs

    Easy Setup, with minimal setup costs

    Customers create an account in the app right from their own phone – so no expensive equipment.

  • Customizable


    Customers can view your full menu, including extras and specials. Every menu item is customizable and can easily be updated at any time.

  • Elevated User Experience

    Elevated User Experience

    Clients are no longer waiting for the bill, a few quick taps in the app and the bill is paid.

  • Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    Easily integrates with your restaurants current workflow, no need for a complicated setup.

  • Increased Revenue and table turnover

    Increased Revenue and table turnover

    Quickly and efficiently turn tables over, allowing you to take on more clients.

  • Great Customer Support

    Great Customer Support

    Contact us by email, phone or visit our FAQ's page for easy troubleshooting.